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A Story and A Rant!

So the actual reason I wanted to write is because I have a story.

Ok. Sometimes I go to Beacon’s Closet** to try to get rid off some unwanted clothes, get some cash or get some store credit. I dread going there because of so many reasons! 1. The music is loud and aweful 2. The “buyers” always have an attitude as if doing you a favour, 3. Most of them are the “too cool for school” type, they don’t look at you in the eye, look annoyed and lazy about existence and most of them abuse of their perfectly acquired vocal fray. Can anyone speak normal!?

It ihz zzoh prettheeeeyy!

I wuuud totalley weahr theesszzhh….

Oh mah goh!

(Mouth wide open in awe and rolling eyes)

Anyway, I’m there with two bags of clothes and hoping and crossing my fingers they’d get the stuff. It is a very stressing endeavour for me. So the buyer is a guy and apparently has no clue about ladies clothes so he pics every single item and shows it to his (girl) friend saying: yould you wearh thiiiiiizzzhh??? it’z kind’a cuuuhte…. She’s like meh….and so on with the rest of the clothes. I’m trying to be nice and talk in their language: Oh mah gah! Thiiiz is zzooh cool, it’z new and the brand is from new yohwrk, ahhzome…yawn….

So the guy is showing every single garment to his friend and I look around, people, vendors, clothes/shoes I might get if I sell my stuff and I see another buyer next to mine a little farther. He has an old school hippie look: like if he were friends with Cheech and Chong but he is a little hipster and lives in Astoria (I know! to be a hipster you have to live in Brooklyn, but he is not the Brooklyn type…yawn…)

So the guys is looking/buying ties from a woman as hippie looking as he was, and I see that there’s a cockroach on his shoulder! immediately, In my fashion intoxicated mind I think:

He’s trying to make a fashion statement, Pfh!

He thinks he is so cool…

I won’t even address him or take a picture, I will ignore him! fuck him and his statement!

I think it is a fashion statement becasue I have a friend that can dress very flamboyant sometimes and he puts bug stickers on his sun glasses or wears some crazy unusual, unheard-of-stuff, so thinking about him and thinking that we are in a “fashionable/cool” store and he looks like a dirty hippy-hipster and the cockroach is gigantic and it is impossible not to see it.

I finish my mental rant and got a little too deep into my thoughts and I come back to reality because of screams! It wasn’t a fashion statement!!! nor a prop cockroach! it was real! the guy didn’t see and once he notices, starts screaming, my buyer starts screaming and trying to shake the ew off of them, hippy guy is having a panic attack and everybody wondering how he didn’t see nor feel the roach. Oah mah gawh! that’s so disguhszteen! Am feeling it all ahver, eeww! aaaahhh! Am zoh zcared of those buuuuhhgzzz! Meow!

What did you expect?! this place is full of dirty ass used clothes!?

Anyway, I sold a lot of the clothes and I was a happy customer, with a lot of store credit and a great funny story…

Thanks for stopping by 😉


**Beacon’s Closet is a store in which you can trade-buy and sell used and new clothes. You bring your clothes, they price-tag them and if you want the cash they give you I believe is 35 or 40% of the total amount or if you want to trade (or store credit) I believe is 60% of the total. “Cool people go there”


5 comments on “A Story and A Rant!

  1. steelyseamstress
    November 13, 2015

    Yikes, that’s horrible!

  2. steelyseamstress
    November 13, 2015

    I did live in a house in Italy once that had a cockroach problem. If you came back late at night, you used to hear them scuttle back under the kitchen cupboards when you turned the light on. Wouldn’t like one at close quarters….

    • the coatcheck tales
      November 14, 2015

      Cockroaches are indeed not very pleasant to look at, but living in New York, where you see them often, you kind of get used to them…even on your shoulder! Thanks for your comment!

  3. fabrickated
    November 14, 2015

    I remember we used to have them in a flat I lived in with duct heating. They came from the flat above… Not nice. But I do like insects in jewellry and as a design – dirty people are something else. And you got that dialogue spot on.

    • the coatcheck tales
      November 15, 2015

      Little Cockroaches survived all kinds of weather changes and probably will out live humans! Interesting creatures but I agree with you, I like the more portrayed on jewelry or any other kind of art. Thanks for your comment!

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