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Fashion and Miscellaneous Sufferings UPDATED


Once again I want to share fashion news and curiosities!

Confession: I’m pretty obsessive about some things like schedules, deadlines and some everyday stuff like: watching the morning news while having breakfast (if I can’t do it I suffer), catching on my shows on saturday morning and on monday evenings, after work, I watch Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver. I really like political satire and his show is funny, smart and very, very informative, you should check it out for free on youtube. Should I get paid for advertising them? Just kidding, I’m happy to do it 🙂

Anyway, today I realised that the show is about the fashion industry, more accurately, fast fashion and the pain and suffering of people that work at their overseas factories.

I mentioned this on my previous post when I talk about the crazy good and informative book Overdressed, by Elizabeth L. Cline. I will tell you very concisely what the book is about, but you really must read it!


She starts saying that she liked buying fast fashion clothes because they are cheap and trendy. Interviews people who like her, have that practice and describes how freaking cheap clothes are at stores like Forever 21, H&M and Gap (just to name a few) and to explain the reason why of the low prices, she traveled to China (and elsewhere) to investigate extensively how factories work, corroborating that yes, workers don’t make enough money to live and provide for their families and even though there had been a lot of accidents regarding the poor safety regulations at the locations (lack of fire scape doors, fire extinguishers) there has been some sort of, kind of, not really so much improvements…

I won’t tell you how the book ends BUT I will say that you better start thinking about WHO makes your clothes, because garments are made by real people.

Anyway, Last Week Tonight talks about all these facts in a very explanatory way and as always with sense of humor.

People, I think I said this before, if you want to buy clothes, it is ok, but just buy what you need and what you really like, we don’t need to follow trends or get a bunch of $2 t-shirts. Why don’t we try buying local, even though it might be a little more expensive, we will be supporting small business and will be getting ethically made clothes.

And the other option and the most challenging: learn how to sew and make your own clothes! 😉 😉 😉 It feels so good 🙂

There is this website called Slowfashioned in which you can take a pledge.

A little UPDATE! My friend sent me this very cool video! a must watch 😉

Hasta la vista babies….

And thanks for stopping by 😉


4 comments on “Fashion and Miscellaneous Sufferings UPDATED

  1. Dina
    April 28, 2015

    I always enjoy reading your wise and humorous insights. I love the photograph on the cover of the book – it’s perfect! Yes, a picture does say a thousands words. Other great accompanying photos would be: the home of the CEO of the apparel company, the home of the factory worker, and the toxic landfill where the shoe will remain long after we’ve vanished from the earth. Thanks so much for sharing! xo!

  2. David
    April 29, 2015

    Another lovely blog with real insight !

  3. edson
    May 1, 2015

    Very good and eye opening. Thanks

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