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Skins (Edited)


I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a vegetarian, but I avoid eating meat as much as I can. I know how animals are harvested in order for humans to be able to eat them, it’s a world of nameless cruelty. Aside of animals being harvested for food though, they are raised to fulfil human’s vanity.

Many years ago a big movement of animal rights started acting out on people wearing fur, throwing paint at them and ruining their coats, or showing up outside of fur stores with protest signs, repudiating the atrocities that take place towards animals, in order to get such precious skins and animal hair garments and accessories. There has been cases where activists have sabotaged fashion shows, infiltrating themselves in the runway with protest signs and paint.

Nowadays, a huge amount of people have opted for a more environmentally and cruelty conscious lifestyle, becoming vegetarians and even vegans, just for the sake of preserving animal life and encouraging respect towards them.

I agree and support these movements and try to wear the least leather possible.

As a designer though, and as a designer working for XYZ brand, you face challenges about the use of leather and fur. I happen to be working for a person that has a clothing and accessory line: belts, gloves and purses. This brand targets very wealthy clientele, millionaires in a pursue of exclusivity and luxury, and in this effort the brand I work for, offers a range of animal-skin-made goods that thankfully I don’t have to deal with.

Through the years, I’ve learned that besides the conventional materials, there are fabrics made of bamboo, hemp, wood, recycled plastic bottles and:

Textiles made out of tea: Fabric that grows in a soup of green tea, sugar and bacteria.


Textiles made out of milk: Using some non edible enzyme  from raw milk which is eco efficient, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and organic.


Textiles made out of wine: Through a fermentation process, and you can choose the shade of red!



Accessories made out of human skin!: Yes, people donate their skin and this company makes small accessories out of it like wallets, belts and purses. Creeppyyyyyyy….

Moral of the story: Some people just has no morals…



mink mustela vison isle of mull scotland

Skinned Mink


 People wearing many dead animals’ furs and skins


 Thanks for stopping by 😉


3 comments on “Skins (Edited)

  1. Susana
    November 13, 2014

    Y eso sin hablar de los nazis que con la piel de judíos hacían pantallas de lámparas, hay investigaciones sobre el tema … una manifestación más de cómo denigraban la condición humana, de lo que no se daban cuenta era de que al denigrar a otros se denigraban ellos mismos…

  2. Dina
    November 14, 2014

    I love your honest and humorous writing.

    What a strange world we live in…

    Hypocrisy is the root of all discord, leading to the disintegration of empathy (compassion) which is ultimately a type of metal illness. Sadly it often goes undetected in the so called small things we do while living out our incredibly unconscious lives.

    Fight fire with fire and you burn down your own house.
    There are better ways of doing things…

    What one does with little is exactly what one will do with a lot.
    I am convinced of that.

    We’ve got to start with the things we think are so insignificant that
    we often overlook them. Change has to be holistic to be responsive and
    constructive as as opposed to reactive and ultimately unproductive.

    Anyone who would hurt an animal is incapable of seeing themselves in the animal and is quite obviously incapable of seeing themselves in another human being. They are both very grievous situations.

    !! xo !!

  3. the coatcheck tales
    January 17, 2015

    Reblogged this on 14/90 and commented:

    This winter I have had the closest encounter with luxurious furs: coats, stoles purses; mink, alligator, rabbit.
    An unpleasant experience that did upset me and felt that I had to write about it and scream out loud that IT IS NOT RIGHT! We have developed countless kinds of materials with warming properties for the winter. Why being pretentious and feel powerful over such beautiful creatures? After all, we invade their habitats and take advantage of their skins and hairs. How selfish is it?!
    In this post I talk about unusual materials, fur and fashion.

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