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I still love shoes! Part I


It’s not that I have nothing to write about, it’s just not flowing from brain to hands to computer!

As I mentioned before, I’m not a happy summer person. I maintain my natural skin color and avoid exposure to the outside to the max, with a heavy metal hum in the background.

Last (year’s) summer was very intense in so many levels…but as every Up has a Down (and every rose has its thorn….Poison anyone?): this year it’s been almost a straight-dead-line excitement wise.

I’ve worked on a lot on interesting alterations –will post a series of DYI kind of, some other day. I visited a couple of fashion exhibits –stories soon, and lots of designing and sewing –I’m not a big fan of vintage but I’ve been re-working a few old, very old pieces I acquired years ago with the purpose of selling.

The pick of my summer though, was a bit emotional. There is this book my mother talked to me about (7 – 900 page long?)… well… she narrated the whole book one day through a skype conversation. She is so good at telling movies and books! that I really don’t have to read nor watch at all.

The book in question is entitled in spanish: El tiempo entre costuras (genre: dramafever) and translated into The time in between, although it loses sense in the translation I feel. I’d rather something like Time throughout stitches.





They made a series of videos about the book and my mom, who is the sweetest, bought and sent them to me from south america.

It’s very funny to start watching videos spoken in spanish from Spain, it sounds too much like a telenovela and felt like watching Days of Our Lives for a while. A little over-acted and the landscapes were definitely soap opera-y.

Once I got caught in the story though, I couldn’t stop watching! The 12 dvd’s in one sit, till four in the morning. I laughed and cried! I cried over a movie, oh please help me lord!

In the end, not to spoil anybody’s read. It’s an inspirational story about the life of a seamstress, her lovers, her mother and war.

Emotional because even though my mother is an academic and intellectual in all the meaning of the words, my first encounter with the arts of the dress making was through her. And not that her dream was to have a seamstress daughter AT ALL! but with time, she grew into understanding that “the first cut is the deepest“, first impressions in the life of a kid are very influential and transcendental. And also because we haven’t as a family lived war but have lived the horrific violence of the 70’s brutal dictatorships, that to the day, bring bitter memories.

I guess a lot of people have lived violence and war in different ways in their lives, even now, the endless horrors of the middle east wars sponsored by our dearest U.S. of A. Police brutality and unpunished murder in our cities. Thousands of lone children starving in the border (limbo-like)

Well o well,  not to depress us all with my insights nor insides… A reminder to myself that, even though I have very strong political views this is my fashion blog and fashion I chose to live around and talk about because it is shallow and it is pretty and the tears only come when a zipper breaks in a party or someone snoops a snap of a sneak due to a wardrobe malfunction…












Thanks for stopping by 🙂


4 comments on “I still love shoes! Part I

  1. Susana
    November 13, 2014

    Adorada Susanita me fascinó tu artículo esa relación de los fallos de cerebro a la escala de cuando falla una costura, se rasga un cierre… es muy buena porque es muy gráfica y real en los tiempos que vivimos cuando las cosas son más importantes que las personas, de allí que si la persona se vuelve cosa pasa a ser importante como cosa, parece de perogrullo pero es así. La corriente de muchos que ya piensan como tu crece … es bueno hacer la diferencia y levantar la mano y aprender a indignarse crear movimientos alternativos, aunque el movimiento tenga a una sola persona, o sea uno, la historia siempre juzga…y el tiempo es sabio porque da la razón y la conciencia es tu propio juez y tu verdugo.
    A mi me encantó el Tiempo entre costuras que por cierto lo compré en el invierno reciente en una librería de NY, especialmente en las motivaciones y significados que para la protagonista tenía para hacer lo que hacía y en medio de todo contribuir a un mundo mejor poniendo en riesgo su vida.
    Sigo atenta a tus nuevos artículos y espero por más.
    Tu madre Susana

  2. the coatcheck tales
    December 20, 2014

    Reblogged this on 14/90 and commented:

    This is a post that was inspired on a book that later became a soap opera kind of thing. About a seamstress, her lovers, her mother, and war.

  3. Evie
    January 1, 2015

    This book (original language) is next up in my “to read” queue!

    • the coatcheck tales
      January 1, 2015

      It is a lovely story! I’m super happy you know it! I’m reading the last book/bio about Coco Chanel, and it seams to be the reverse story to this one. Apparently she was a spy for the nazis! terrible! Will write more about it once I finish the book: Mademoisselle Coco Chanel and the pulse of history by Rhonda K. Garelick

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