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stories about stuff, but mostly fashion

The Value of Things

As a little kid I was taught to be grateful for the things I had, and even though I never lacked anything, I sometimes wanted stuff that my parents couldn’t afford: sometimes toys but most often clothes and shoes (blink, blink).

My mother traveled a lot for work and always brought my sister and I interesting stuff, trendy clothes that weren’t trendy yet where we lived. But again, catholic school managed to kill my self-esteem and at some point nothing was cool enough, I felt that I wasn’t cool enough even though I’d received compliments all the time. That’s probably when I developed my obsession with fashion.

In my 20’s, the fact that I was able to make clothes empowered me and I took full advantage of it, making garments that I would wear only once, for an specific occasion.

As time went by, i had to make a living out of my gift, my skill, my passion.

I started out making clothes for myself and moved on to making clothes for friends and then designing and making clothes that I’d sell in boutiques (on consignment), private clients and finally freelancing for big fashion brands.

The other day I got a few fashion magazines and while going through the pictures I realised that I had literally made (cut and sewn) the actual garments that were photographed!

The fact is that it doesn’t matter, not to me or anybody else: yes I make clothes (for brands) that appear in magazines sometimes but that is my job, isn’t it? as is the job of thousands of people around the world and especially third world countries. People that have no choice but to work in sweatshops, sometimes even living there, working an inhumane amount of hours and under inhumane circumstances just to make enough money to feed their families (!?).

I just read an article in Dazed magazine in which a woman that bought a dress found next to the label, a hand stitched message saying: “Forced to work exhausting hours”.


I feel so blessed for being able to like and enjoy what I do and have the option to change jobs freely without anyone forcing me to work more that I have to.

I see garments I’ve developed in fashion magazines, I have the time to leaf through them and smile about it. There’s people that don’t have that privilege nor the privilege of being treated as human beings. 

This is not new, but it keeps happening…

Thanks for stopping by 😉

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