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I feel I’ve been posting too often and maybe you guys can’t keep up, so will try to space out a little, meaning: give you time to read, comment and share my stories.

As a child, I always wanted to be the new girl in school, because I felt they were treated with special interest. Most of the ones I knew were very popular, and of course, who doesn’t want extra attention.

When I was 23 I moved to my mother’s homeland, and finally I was the new girl. I was always fairly popular and have a very outgoing personality, so wasn’t hard to shine between peers. It got a little annoying at times when every single person would ask me where I was from and how it was like living there. Ugh! again?

Few years later I arrived to New York and started over, and over, and over. And since a lot of people are not from here we keep it short in the where are you from department. It really doesn’t matter that much anyway.

The first time I was the new girl, I was a student of fashion design and it was kind of fun to study, know a lot of people, cultivate some good and lasting friendships (I miss you girls!!! snif…snif…) and part-ey!

Even when I was still a student I had a world of possibilities on the horizon thanks to all the people I knew, cared about me and liked my work.

Every time I moved I was full of hope and excitement about what the new place will bring for me.

Getting to New York though was really tough. I had just graduated from fashion school, had the knowledge, some experience and was eager to start working.

I’ve been in the city for nearly seven years. At the beginning I did an unpaid internship, and although it was a big investment of money, I learned a lot about how you work in the business in NYC. But most importantly, I learned the language of fashion literally: whenever you move to a place in which they speak another language, you sometimes, don’t know the technical terminology and one doesn’t realise it until you have to communicate at work! Another thing that helped a lot was going to the public library and read!

In the effort to meet fashion related people I worked for free for friends of friends. I thought that doing that would eventually pay off and get me somewhere, it didn’t: don’t ever work for free!

My first job lasted a year, it was at a growing fashion brand, I’d make the patterns and samples together with another woman. It was fairly easy in theory, what would make it hard was my boss. Owner of the company, former contemporary dancer and bipolar two hundred pound woman. She was out of control with the yelling and pressuring us to make exactly what she had envisioned in her head, she would also rip the samples apart whenever she couldn’t get into a size 4 dress (she was probably a 12). I couldn’t take her cucuness and quit.

After that, the economy went down for good (2007-2008 and on) it got really difficult to find something in an industry that wasn’t producing a first necessity product. A lot of stores closed and many independent designers disappeared.

Getting a job in fashion became so hard that I had to look in other fields. That’s how I started working on the catering/hospitality area. That’s been a way to make some money, but never quit my real passion. When the economy was really bad I worked on my thesis (in order to get my degree from fashion school). I had freelance fashion projects here and there and working for these rich people’s parties helped with the bills. Once I got tired of the hustling I got a full-time-job at an evil financial corporation, I needed stability.

It’s been a year since I got this full-time job and although it partially helped monetarily, it started to drain my soul. My fashion jobs picked up in frequency, so started juggling three jobs: day job, catering and fashion, and in the middle I get to live and catch up with personal matters. It’s no less than exhausting! Days-off seem to be a utopia.

Adulthood can be very scary: health insurance, life insurance, retirement and in New York rent is a big issue, since it’s ridiculously expensive. I started hoarding jobs scared of missing out opportunities, only to later realise that I was lacking in quality of life. Even my cats would see me as a stranger in the house!

After a lot of thinking and extreme exhaustion I decided to let go. Let go of the job that I thought was gonna solve my problems and that at the end was the cause of most of them.

Ciao day job! Ciao health insurance! Ciao toxic people!

I chose life, I chose fun, I chose a healthy job and a healthy life.

Would it be hard? probably yes, but this time, will be on my terms…

Thanks for stoping by 😉









One comment on “Adaptation

  1. pingus
    April 11, 2014

    Amiga!!…a la distancia,… snif-snif..yo tambien te extraño , aunque ahora con esto de la maternidad el tiempo se haga nada o poco para poder comunicarme contigo te recuerdo con gran cariño….. my friend…ANIMO….FUERZA..TU PUEDES!!!!

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