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Let it Snow


A couple of weeks ago I had to fly to Miami for work. As I explained in earlier posts, I sometimes do fittings in photo shoots, meaning: fit the clothes that models will wear and/or appear on, in pictures for commercial fashion purposes.

3display-1Lots of accessories are always useful


make upAnd of course, make up

Working for photo shoots is very different from working for runways. The alterations don’t have to be perfect and thorough, because only one angle of the outfit is portrayed. Since it’s a picture, the stylist can groom the model on set and often the way one sees the image is way unrealistic because: 1. The clothes are unwearable, sometimes so tight, models can’t sit down or move their arms, this is one of the reasons why someone else has to dress them, just like mannequins or maybe there’s a slit in the back, but the front of the garment looks good 2. Stylists are like magicians, they place the outfit perfectly with all kinds of safety pins and tape, and 3. Photoshop! There’s a lot of post production, elements added and light, colors and shapes manipulated.

3display-2Hair stylist and stylist working on the girl’s look

3display-3Clothes pinned in the back for a ‘flawless’ front effect

The way we alter the clothes is brutal, I always say that we destroy them, because most often won’t fit another model and after the alterations don’t look good nor feel comfortable, so they’re likely to be chopped after the shoot.

3display-5The models doing their job

I don’t get tired of working behind fashion scenes, it’s amazing how so many people are involved in the making of a catalog, a fashion spread on a magazine, an editorial or a brand’s campaign: Photographers, photographer’s assistants. Stylist and his/hers assistants. Make up artists, hair stylists and their assistants. Art directors, PR, the production team, stage designers and like me, tailors.

Why did I go to Miami with a New York based fashion brand? Because it’s winter! and they need to get the spring campaign ready.

So it can snow, rain and storm in our beloved city but fashion doesn’t stop for anything, if we can’t make it here, we’ll make it elsewhere. It might be sunny around the corner.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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