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Snowflakes at NYFW 2014


New York Fashion Week calls hordes of people from all over the world.
Freak wannabes that walk on needle point high heels stumbling on the snow   –men and women. Wear over-the-top combinations or barely any clothes in NY’s coldest month of the year, just to figure in style magazines.

I work behind the scenes, and can see the desperation of the PR team to get so and so to wear one of the designer’s piece at the front row of the show. It’s all about the media.

Days before the show everybody works long hours and everything you do is under a lot of pressure that doesn’t end until all the models had gone though the runway.

I try to snap(shoot) the most I can but I’m so busy that barely have the time to sneak in my camera into the fitting sessions.

1 2In the beginning there’s a bunch of clothes and shoes…..

43.5That are organised into looks and assigned to a model

8They assign the place in which models will appear in the runway, making a sense of the looks….. 

At this point we start fitting the clothes to the models. Most of the times we have to take-in the garments for men and women. Girls are so skinny, sometimes it’s hard to turn the sleeve inside out, my hand seems to be gigantic! and I feel disproportionately wide and small next to them. We spend a couple days re-making the clothes as fast and perfect as possible because the lights on the runway and a good zoomed caption won’t forgive any ill fitting dress…


So, I’m running to the Lincoln Center tent. When I jump off the taxi, I see paparazzi looking for their prey: whatever out-of–the-ordinary or glamorous-looking person must be ‘somebody’ they must shoot   –picture/camera=not gun. This year, I saw a special entrance for Da bloggers and a Tweeter stand so you can ask questions to your favorite designer. As much as I love technology, this social media has become utterly silly.

So I enter backstage, My partner and I are holding a bunch of garment bags and the person at the registration table is asking who we are: we tell her that we are Da tailors and she doesn’t get it, she doesn’t even look for our names on her list!. I get a little flustered due to time restrictions   –hell-o-o…they’re waiting for us. I say out loud: we make the clothes! and we have them here in these bags for the show!. We finally get our badges. In other words: Yeah, we’re nobody, but without us you have no show, please! don’t let me in!

6There’s a rehearsal 

7A moment to chill

13Hair and make up are done

11Most of the times photographers are everywhere! so I go with the flow and take a picture through his camera

10And when I can, I go back and take my own

9Hello there…

Final touches are required: they’re missing a button, they changed the model last minute, there’s lose threads here and there… we follow them until they’re lined up ready to go out. And then… we run to see the show!

5These girls are in character already

3Lining up, ready to go!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

One comment on “Snowflakes at NYFW 2014

  1. the coatcheck tales
    February 18, 2014

    Funny and insightful! Great stuff as always !

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