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Yes, but Why?!


My dad is a writer and a journalist, so somehow he taught me how to write (not that I’m a writer, I just like writing). He’s taught me format, style and fancy words I’d use in school essays, formal letters and in college was a blessing having had him as an early example.

I was always curious about philosophy, politics and religion, he’d talk about existentialism, rationalism, empiricism, pragmatism, Marxism, Leninism and so many other classical philosophical and political trends (the religion part I figured myself, although he is a big atheist).

Between the ones that called my attention was materialism: I’d think I was a materialist because I only believed in things I was able to see, touch and experience, meaning the material. Although the concept goes way beyond and across that simple reasoning (a 12 – 13-year-old girl’s) It stuck in my head for a while. Of course after my very many years of psychoanalysis studies and work (work not that many) with a touch of an 8 year-long lacanian therapy, yes, laying on the divan, rolling and crying, I came up to consider myself a cynical.

I wake up every morning at 5 am and while having breakfast I read the news online with the news channel as a background. Today I run into an article about…exactly!…materialism.

But now, well the last 10 years I’ve been in the fashion world, trying to think pretty, easy and shallow. Clothes, shoes, accessories and make up…oh yes…

This article talks about the different faces of materialism, why people buy things and says that shopping can become a loop of loneliness.

Materialism in this case meaning: the importance that people attach to acquiring and owning material possessions.

Sometimes, when we feel socially isolated we shop. “Relationships can be hard, people can say no, but clothes (or any other object)… can’t”.

The author says that some shoppers use shopping as a medicine to feel differently. Just like a fix of drug. Others as a means of social comparison or status. Or as retail therapy that could end up with buyer’s remorse. In all these cases shopping can lead to a loop of loneliness.

The verb to buy, applies differently in every person and we can’t be naïve and think we are out of the loop. Materialism and consumerism rule our lives and we shouldn’t be afraid to like things, we should be able to live with things but not to rule our lives around them.

I buy things all the time, and there’s always different reasoning behind every purchase. I agree with the article in the sense that I buy extra clothes or make up when I want to look pretty for a special occasion or person, fantasising with that moment sets me off! but I also and most often buy materials. Materials to make clothes: fabric, buttons, scissors…YAY!  Means to an end…

We’re humans, not robots someone told  me today and I agree. What ever we do, what ever we buy, it’s ok. Let’s just think before over doing it.

Materialism is not the problem, the problem is why of materialism…

Mental notes:

If I don’t like it I return it

If I like it and can’t afford it, I buy it, take pictures and measurements and return it (I make it myself later…mua a a a ahh)

If I need it for only one time like a job interview or one day at work, emergency shopping!!!, I steam it and return it.

Only buyer’s guilt…shoes

Thanks for stopping by 😉

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4 comments on “Yes, but Why?!

  1. Hardcore
    August 15, 2013

    Interesante paseo, desde la filosofia, infancia, psicologia, experiencas hasta la moda….buenos genes de escritora che!!!! materialismo….mmmm tendre que repasar los libros…sin embargo en estos dias mi voto va a la esprititualidad (libre del pesado sacon de las religiones)……keep writing !!!!!

  2. Katmandu
    August 15, 2013

    Great post, Susana! I can certainly relate as my own materialistic demons are haunting me as we settle into a new apartment. d:

  3. Asunción Campos
    August 17, 2013

    Es innegable la existencia de una relación de mutua dependencia espíritu y materia, ésta no es nada sin aquella, aquel requiere de un ser que lo anide… en materia de modas una cosa son las ropas, los vestidos y accesorios otra el concepto que inspira al diseñador/a que crea y la fuente es el espíritu o aquello que para otros puede ser psiquis, mente, conciencia todas ellas en un plano intangible que requieren de la persona para manifestarse, es mucho más que la inteligencia. Por lo mismo las épocas se identifican por sus vestuarios porque quienes los crean captan los sentires y pensares de los contemporáneos que armonizan a su vez con las artes en el más amplio y profundo del ser . Y así tenemos variedades que gustan y satisfacen necesidades que armonizan y expresan la estética. Buen tema Susanita… nos hiciste pensar bastante en un tema de profundo significado. Una abrazo afectuosa de una seguidora incondicional, Asunción Campos

  4. Edson
    August 30, 2013

    Let’s go shopping, gostosona!!!

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