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Laundry Tales


When you have multiple jobs and work crazy hours the last thing you want to think about is doing laundry. You think about it, but let the thought fade away.

I had a very nice period of ‘laundry dates’ when I spent Thanks Giving and almost Christmas at the laundromat with my girl K. Fun times, lots of talk and clean clothes!

Although we’re friends still, our lives became hectic and it’s hard to have a date to do it together.

What I discovered getting to NYC is that you can drop off, which is the best way to do it in a busy schedule. The thing is, when do I pick it up! Sh*t!

Where I grew up, I remember my grandma had a woman that would hand wash the family’s clothes and charge by the dozen I guess. At early age I enjoyed watching her: sunny day, sitting on the floor brushing the clothes in a metallic tub full of foam. I always felt the impulse of putting my hands in the foam and play with it, so fresh, so light…

The most important though, I would never run out clothes, but of course I had my favourite ones, that when wet, I’d proceed to iron dry for hours.

canvas-laundry-bagCrate and Barrel Laundry Bag 

Today was one of those days of unbearable heat and humidity and loads of dirty stuff. Coming back from work, and with the last drop of energy and will power: bra off, wedgie maker undies, the ugliest shorts, worn out-shirt, mismatched socks, bad hair do…blurry 2 – 3 hours of wash and dry cycle and finally walking home, watching people on the street go by me. I notice a woman with a baby in a stroller walking towards me and I just can’t help to compare the feeling of pride and accomplishment of walking with a beautiful baby or a cart full of clean clothes, at that point, we’re equally blessed.

5 comments on “Laundry Tales

  1. david roland
    June 9, 2013

    ha ha ha.. the pride of a clean baby cannot compare to clean laundry!

  2. Edson
    June 9, 2013

    Lol! I lived the comparison with the lady with a stroller.
    I know the feeling. I hav an overflowing hamper and no time to go wash, dry and fold.
    I refuse to drop it off. It’s always too expensive and I just enjoy my time at the landromat outside benches while playing games on my phone, skyping with family or people watching…
    I’ll make the time for it, I know I will!

  3. Andrea
    June 11, 2013

    Hampered by an overstuffed hamper? Hahaha, life changed when I got my HAPPY EGG mini washer a couple years ago…now called the
    Eco-egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine, found on Amazon, or the Laundry Alternative site.

    Got mine on Ebay–for half the Amazon price–alas, from a seller who seems no longer to be active. But it’s still something to consider, and something of a blessing for the little things in your closet, camisoles, a pair of jeans, couple of shirts… Check it out! xo

  4. Coree
    June 17, 2013

    As much as babies are cute, and dirty laundry is a pain in the shoulder, at least you do not ave to change a diaper on a bundle of clothes! Haha Wheni run out of clean clothes I hand wash in the sink. Almost as fun as doing dishes! Coree

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