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Unknown Heroes

Hell-o guys!

Every (fashion) designer need some inspiration to develop collections. The creative process sometimes is hard because there’s so much done already! and you ask yourself, how can I contribute to the fashion world?

I personally have the habit of looking what’s out there on the internet. My first instinct always leads me to or the Vogues (american, british, australian, french). I feel though, that inspiration shouldn’t come from others’ current collections, those are just references on what’s hot today.

What I find really inspiring is going to museums, taking a walk around the city and people like the ones I will talk about today.

In the world in which fast fashion rules the market and celebrities advertise the looks, it’s easy not to think about what goes behind this glamour. Let me tell you that there’s so many people responsible for the designers’ success. To begin with, once a fashion brand is fairly recognised and starts growing, the designer becomes art director who will most of the times approve and/or guide somehow the work of a team of designers and pattern makers.

A long time ago I found this japanese pattern maker Tomoko Nakamichi, who has 3 Pattern Magic books so far. This maker shows innovative and inspirational ways to cut and design.

Pattern_Magic_Stretch_Fabrics-7008-167pattern magic 1pattern magic

Another cutter I got to discover is Shingo Sato and his Transformational Reconstruction. He is a japanese pattern maker and designer that lives in Milan and travels around the world teaching students, designers and pattern makers, has a book and many instructional videos on YouTube.

shingo bookuntitled-11634157

Finally there’s Julian Roberts, fashion designer and cutter from the UK, with the Subtraction Cutting. He also travels teaching and there are multiple instructional videos in YouTube.


It’s very interesting to witness the process of making, the methods and techniques behind every made garment, every person that sews, fits and cut. These people are the ones that can give us the real story, behind the scenes.

I find these inspirational because they show you the beginning, which is the techniques and it’s up to you what’s gonna come out, as a garment or as a collection.

Along with other sources of inspiration they search into your soul and make you express your feelings and concepts into the physical world.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

3 comments on “Unknown Heroes

    April 19, 2013

    En mi modesta opinión, estimo que “el principio” está en lo más profundo de la esencia del ser, de la naturaleza, de los pueblos y su historias originarias…en las formas simples que inspiran, y por eso mismo están difícil de ver y apreciar. Nos aplasta todo lo que gira a nuestro alrededor y el peso del aceleramiento de cambio por el cambio mismo, no por el bienestar sino por el consumir y tener más, más ropa más qué mostrar, más que nos admiren y nos valoren por eso.
    Entonces, descubrir esas fuentes nos puede remontar a nuevas creaciones que serán interpretadas por las personas desde el confort de lo primario del inconsciente, tal vez sea la conexión que nos falta.
    Tu eterna e incondicional admiradora desde Santiago de Chile. Fresia.

  2. Edson
    April 19, 2013

    I loved it.
    Very inspiring.
    I’m so glad you included the links to all thoses geniuses and pics of the patterns too.
    Those artisans are definitely the hidden artists behind most of the collections.

  3. Ana María Esquivel
    April 23, 2013

    Susana! como siempre, tus artículos apuntan a la necesidad de encontrar inspiración! Comparto la opinión de Fresia! Ya su nombre indica su preocupación por el ser humano! Mis saludos desde Chile, y como siempre, enviaré a mis alumnos diseñadores gráficos y de otras especialidades para que siempre se sorprendan con tu mirada! y con quienes comparto el amor por esta disciplina! profeame.

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