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Waiting for the New Year: Traditions


As you can see (read) I’m on ‘vacations’ so I have time and inspiration to write.

New Year’s Eve is coming and we all think different on celebrating this time a year.

I personally, don’t like to celebrate (bo-ring…) because I was born with the curse of not being able to have fun or feel excitement when I have to or when everyone else is. So at this point of my life I don’t fight against it anymore, I embrace it and stay at home eating and watching videos, maybe watch one or two fire works.

When I was a girl and spent new year’s eve with my family it was the most hilarious thing ever. We were a big family living in a big spanish colonial house and our houses connected with a patio right in the  middle.

As an european, most likely spanish colony my country is rich with pagan and catholic traditions for absolutely everything and in new years we’re no strangers to follow a few rituals.

I remember, after the happy new year’s hugs and kisses, my aunts (although my uncles and everybody else did too, let’s face it: it’s the funniest to see your aunts act crazy) eating 12 grapes at 12:00, grab an empty suitcase and leave the house in a hurry, running around the block and coming back just to count money over and over again. The idea was to reenact situations or do things you wanted to happen during the next year: counting money if you wanted to have money, run with the suitcase if you wanted to travel and the grapes I have no idea.

Also it’s very popular to wear red and yellow underwear. Red if you wanted love. Yellow if you wanted money, or both.

Once I did it. Once I wore red undies.

We traveled, my girls and I to the beach. We stayed at some friend’s apartment in the city and were supposed to take a two hour bus ride to the beach. Did I mention that in South America is summer when in North America is winter?

When we were getting ready for the ride, we decided to wash our lucky undies, but with the excitement  forgot to wash them in a cool cycle, therefore, everything else pink…

viajandoYes, this was a long time ago. The blondie with dreadlocks and the hardcore punk with dropped  crotch skater pants. One of us is missing though, Lica. I just don’t have anther picture of that trip.

So wether you wear the red or yellow undies, eat the grapes, wear dots (Phillipines), throw dishes at your neighbors’ doors (Denmark). Hope you get everything you need and want this up coming year.

framed new year

♥Have a wealthy, healthy and lovely New Year!!!! ♥

2 comments on “Waiting for the New Year: Traditions

  1. the "it" project
    December 27, 2012

    from: David on your computer.
    Love it! fun memories from Bolivia.
    Makes me miss our country!

  2. Gerald
    January 3, 2013

    you better miss your country, cause it misses you!! too much now!
    -blondie (a ver.. )

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