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Death by Design


For years I’ve been subscribed to Selvedge Magazine (from the UK), a very rich and original magazine, information and image wise. It’s dedicated to textiles, textile arts and artists, fashion, designers, anecdotes and history. The mood is country-like, romantic, fresh, scrapbook-y whimsical. A true delight to get every new issue.

Couple numbers ago there were a few articles related to fashion mystery deaths and tales that called my attention because it’s not very usual to combine these terms together. Although of course, nobody’s exempt of tragedy and mystery: most certainly episodes that make our lives more interesting, don’t they.

Some images extracted from Selvedge Magazine, Issue 42

And a bonus mystery: WHAT IN HELL POSSESSED british designer Rachel Freire to make a dress out of 3000 cow and yak nipples?!

From London Fashion Week 2011

Unfortunately, I have to drag you to earth and tell you that, as fulfilling the process of fashion design can be for most of us: creators and makers. We must not ignore the atrocities occurred everyday in developing countries where most of clothes are manufactured. Mistreated, underpaid and many times enslaved men, women and children work under inhumane conditions, in order for us to have our fashionable clothes. Not to mention tortured innocent animals slaughtered in order to make the (in my opinion) hideous fur-leather-NIPPLE! garments.

Let’s at least be knowledgeable of what’s happening in the dark side of fashion and PLEASE DON’T WEAR FUR, it’s really not necessary.

Uff! I get heated talking about these topics.

Finally, to counteract the hideous male outfits I posted last week, here are some very cool ones from McQ fall 2012. Welcome Inglorious Bastards!

Thanks for stopping by 😀

2 comments on “Death by Design

  1. Katmandu
    March 6, 2012

    As always, thank you for the inspiration! (:

  2. Susana Barrera
    March 13, 2012

    Very good my darling, kiss, kiss, your mam Susana

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