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Comme si, Comme sa

Hello-o everyone!

Another year, another season, another fashion week…this time though, besides pretty people dressed pretty and pretty clothes displayed on runways a woman died while a sitting in an actually happening show! She was miss Zelda Kaplan, as everybody says “a fashion icon and a philanthropist“, may she rest in peace. I didn’t know who she was, came out to be a great nice lady that designed her own clothes inspired by traditional fabric that would collected in Africa and other places in which she supported women’s rights causes. Hopefully her charity continue ever after.

But the thing is that as a fashion lover, what a cool way to die! 95 years old, front row in a fashion show, just faint and…that would be it. Straight to heaven…Wow!.

At the beginning of her last show! Rest in peace Miss Zelda!

Moving on…

As I was making my usual research for this post I found an article about how models suffer some inconveniences while performing in the shows. When the s/s 2012 collections come out I fell in love of the Louis Vuitton one, it’s so fresh, delicate, feminine, and the shoes!!! to die for! (well not yet) although when I was looking at them I couldn’t stop thinking that the models’ feet were a little damaged! So I found out that the shoes were glued to the models feet! and not only that but seemed a size too small. I’d say, put some make up on the feet so it’s not as disturbing!

 Why??!! The shoes are so beautiful, but the feet!!!

Such a lovely collection ❤

So. Talking about disturbing. I love fashion, but sometimes I don’t understand the criteria designers follow regarding men’s clothing. Tailoring is fascinating: the craft, materials, shapes, so elegant. But the following pics from f/w 2012 made me think and definitely clooooooooose my eyes.

Ok my dears! I have my next post almost ready, Yey!!!! so you’ll be having some fun with fashion unusual facts and sooner than later pics of mi new collection.

Thanks for stoping by 🙂

4 comments on “Comme si, Comme sa

  1. veronika
    February 23, 2012

    Hi Susana

    I love your posts.
    You always have witty and funny things to say.

    I can’t wait to see your collection,its going to be amazing.
    I am excited to read your next post.


  2. Katmandu
    February 23, 2012

    Heartwarming and inspiring, beautiful and repulsive, then just plan laughs….I heart you and your blogs! (:

  3. Ma. Fernanda Soto
    March 6, 2012

    Hola Susana:
    Te escribo en castellano por que mi inglés no es muy bueno jajajaj!!!.
    No te había hecho ningún comentario pero me encanto tu blog. Gracias por enviarme tus publicaciones
    Un abrazo y que suerte y salud

  4. Susana Barrera
    March 13, 2012

    Querida, eres toda una artista, captas la belleza y la diferencia con mucha sensibilidad, sigue en esa dirección, sigue desplegando tus talentos, besos, mamá, Susana

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