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Life is so much more


It’s been very difficult to write lately, I had not a lot I wanted to share with anyone, according to myself I’ve been feeling socially lazy, taking advantage of the free days I’ve had since Christmas and that will end tomorrow.

I guess sometimes I get stuck in one thought for a long time and when that thought ‘gets old’ I freak out trying to find another one that would stick and would keep me going.

And tonight, after having a nice chat with my mom I realize: there’s much more than this!

I’ve been working on a few designs these days, and I’ve accomplished what I had planned, finished 4 new garments, two of them for myself. But there’s so much more! On the side, I’ve been trying to digest issues regarding other persons in my life. Since my family and most of my friends are far away and since I’ve spent so much time by myself, all the news from them seam as unreal as reading stuff in a magazine, so impersonal that I barely feel it regards me.

Also, the fact that while doing my research on fashion news I found a few sites about furniture and object design (my other passions).

That wonderful picture of Gaudi’s La Casa Batllo, shook my brain! and following that image was another of  amazing woodwork and then amazing interiors and then really funny fails! and then thinking about the conversation I had with my mom and the idea of Having done anything with my life or not! when can you say you’ve done relevant stuff? how relevant does it have to be? what if it’s relevant for me and not for others? what if I don’t make any money with it? what if, what if??????!!!

I say that I got traumatized on this trip because I saw and touched Gaudi’s creations. You just can’t believe that in only one life he worked not only in the architecture of all those houses, but also in the furniture and house appliances!

Breath Taking!

These three pictures correspond to Casa Batllo in Barcelona. Gaudi is one of my idols, genius! master of the universe, intelligent, creative, original, crafty. He changed the world of architecture and design! 

How cool are these stairs! This is one of my dream houses

Pfh! Awsome!!!!!!!!

Anything lovelier?

I had no idea that there was people taking the Barbie concept so far beyond! This is one of the pieces of the “Barbie Hoerder” installation. The pieces are barbie house size!!!!

Genius Lady that loves fashion and furniture and decided to merge. What? Love it!

Cm’on! uber cool pictures!

Out of this world! I’m so lucky I went to the exhibit. It fucking breaths! 


Ok, so, if we don’t see it bluntly, we don’t get it, do we. 

Yep, sometimes it feels like this, hurts anyway.

I realized that life is more than fashion, I am more than fashion, more than love, more than knowledge, more than anything I can imagine. There’s shit that’s being made right now, by some unknown genious that I haven’t discovered yet and when I do, will blow my socks off!

Does it worth it? Am I worth it? Is it that unknown genius? Can I be an unknown genius?

I guess we all are (worth it and geniuses), we just have to discover ourselves and be discovered.



because of the diet to loose weight i’m following, my brain is so empty of nutrients (and five cups of coffee)  that I’m delusional.

Anyway, Happy new 2012!!!

Read me more this year Ok?! 😀

9 comments on “Life is so much more

  1. Fantastic photos!

  2. Love it! Totally sympathise with the post-christmas shut down. We spent our days of writing rather than catching up with people, which probably makes us social outcasts! Come check out today’s My Bag post:

  3. Edson
    January 9, 2012

    Wow, Susaninha…this post blew my mind.
    Thank you so much for sharing so inspiring pics and your own insights about what we’re doing with our lives and if whatever that we ARE doing is really “worth” it. That thought made me ponder.
    Let’s just do whatever we want and not deal with the consequences, shall we? Let’s allow ourselves to be a little crazier in this 2012. The world will “end” this year anyway, right?

    • the "it" project
      January 9, 2012

      Edsinho, sin mis rumiaciones mentales jajajajaj, todo bien mi querido, crazy is good. goooooooooody good, Beijos!!!!

  4. Cehnettee Chase
    January 9, 2012

    Happy New Year, and I hope you’ll be very successful with all your ventures and endeavors. I’m looking forward to seeing your quite fashionable clothing lines — Cehnettee Chase

    • the "it" project
      January 9, 2012

      Happy New Year to you too! Thanks my friend with unwritable name and unpronounceable nick name. Soon, soon, just need to take good pics!!!! See you around!

  5. Geraldine O'Brien
    January 9, 2012

    Great! Please put the names of artists used…

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