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My “Vintage Memories”

Hell-o! once again my dear friends.

Today’s topic’s been hunting me around for a while now. Vintage, hmm…to begin with, I have nothing against people that like, love, wear, sell or trade vintage clothes.  Also let me tell you that I have more than clear that most of today’s fashion takes its inspiration from older styles and trends.

My thought goes beyond…

Since I was a little girl I learned that new was good and old was given away to less fortunate people. Although my grandma would collect in a secret trunk little objects with sentimental value. Whenever she was caught digging into it, my sister and I would run to see what she had in there, we were fascinated with rusty little watches, buttons, old letters, pictures, jewelry and so. My grandpa in the other hand, had a full room of mystery, I never asked why, but they had separate rooms. So whenever we went into his room we would ask him to unlock one of these little drawers he had and look into his treasures. With a constant shake on his hand due to his advanced age he would grab a little interesting shaped key and showed us a sort of old lighters, coins, really old mini transistor radios in zippered leather cases, more old keys, bullets! (‘cause he went to war,1932-35) and much more stuff. The visit would end up when he would open another secret drawer just enough to grab a metallic box with imported Mackintosh chocolates. He was such a loving grandpa, when he passed away I was curious about what happened to all those things he had kept for so long.

When I found these images on the internet I also found out that each box (with no chocolates) costs 12 Euros!!! See!? I’ve lost so much money!

Also my mom would have in her closet weird pieces of clothes, shoes and some jewelry (she traveled a lot for many years and would get interesting stuff from her trips)  I’d wear her clothes, my favorites were a silk fuchsia dress, this green dotted blouse, dotted and colorful tights, multi bowed shoes and different accessories,  just to dress up like old people, although she was probably my age now by that time! hahahaha

Uffff! Nice memories!

Going back to vintage. So we would give clothes and furniture (is expired food considered vintage??? Kiddin’………..) away. And as I would grow up I, myself started keeping some sentimental valued objects as I’d think all mortals do (well humans, maybe a few dogs and monkeys?).

Only a few years ago tough, I started realizing how people treasured this old things and started worrying about us (my family) maybe losing money! We had all this really old stuff given away or tossed to the garbage!

The thing is that I understand how people now hunt this little pieces of memory, pieces that would give them the opportunity to romanticize the past and to play in real life as I used to when I was little.

I understand the value of getting a ‘vintage Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga’ whatever, but mostly because the fashion industry has gone so far since the beginning of the 20th century: mass production, disposable clothes, lots of pollution generated from synthetic materials.

So in one hand, there’s the romantic reason. The being different, original, interesting, dress up with findings no one else would have. The environmental reason: recycling, upcycling, reusing and so. And in the other hand, my hand, I can’t stop having the mental image of Norman Bates (the main character in the Alfred Hitchcock‘s movie Psycho) dressed as his mother!

Vintage clothing is not for everybody’s taste, specially mine, but I can appreciate people that make it work elegant and tastefully.

3 comments on “My “Vintage Memories”

  1. Edson
    July 23, 2011

    When I think “vintage” I just think ripping it apart and using the cool old style fabric to make new and modern pieces.
    Isn’t that fun?
    Me quede con las ganas de pruebar el chocolate ese.

  2. Sarah Wolf
    July 26, 2011

    … a link between nostalgia and cross-dressing? ………..

  3. hard core
    July 28, 2011

    me gusta lo viejo….me hace sentir mas joven otra vez….pero tienes razon no todo lo viejo y no todos los viejos podemos andar “vintage” creo q a veces uno se siente un poco “vintage” y otras veces un poco distinto al vintage….es como los dias….unos soleados, otros con lluvia….cada uno diferente pero con sus pros y contras … me gustan tus posts!!!…

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