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Seams-tress to me

Hell-o again!

Well… well… well… After the McQueen rush you start wondering, how does fashion happen? how do you think all those marvelous dresses and accessories get materialized???

Scarf/Jacket: Christopher Coppens.   Sweatshirt: Marcus 

I happen to have an obsession with the “making” as I said on my first post. When I design I really have to vision the way to make the thing.

So my dear friends, let me tell you that all those beautiful designer clothes we stare at on Fifth Ave., Madison Ave., Soho windows, on internet or hopefully nice clothes we can afford to wear, are made by very very talented men and women that spend hours trying to figure out how in hell they’ll represent the designer’s doodles on patterns and then garments per-se.

Dior/Chanel Couture

Crazy as it might sound that process is the most fascinating and fulfilling part of all. The “craft”.

People tend to isolate the idea of craft and put it on third world native peoples handmade souvenirs, which can be case, but Couture in Paris is also craft! everything hand/human made is. And there should be pride on being pattern makers, seamstresses and tailors!, why do we give all the recognition only to the designers? why do we think about makers as the hunched old lady mending old clothes in the dungeons?

Now, how in hell do we get to have the ability to bring an idea to reality! The answer is: with effort

I learned that besides having a good tailoring background it’s important to be curious and thorough, 1. observe, the garments: construction, shape, draping, fabric, details. Go to a store and try it on, notice: how it feels, how it fits 2. experiment, try to make the piece, make transformations 3. be creative, we can definitely borrow construction techniques from architecture or arts like origami and apply them on the fabric. These are my main strategies to make stuff and of course my bibles: Pattern Magic 1, 2 and 3 by Tomoko Nakamichi.

So let’s think twice every time we watch a new designer’s collection or an intricate piece. Somebody made this stuff with his/her hands, WOW!!!

Funny enough, if I wanted to, I could make/reproduce most of the dresses I would like to buy, do I do it? Not anymore, Oops!.

Much rather focus my energy on my creations.

2 comments on “Seams-tress to me

  1. Edson
    July 23, 2011

    Wow, very interesting post, Susaninha.
    You ARE a very talented craftswoman. I’ve seen you in action.
    You definitely got an eye for design. YOU’RE IN!!!

  2. David Roland
    August 12, 2011

    I have seen as much magic in your patterns as in any designer’s.
    You have to heart of Vivian Westwood and the logic of Yamamoto…OK,
    maybe you are a week or two (at the most) in linear time behind Yamamoto
    in terms of of conceptual design, but Gallina, I mean Galliano, no I mean Gallina is definitely lagging behind your vision by at least a year. He Probably will be designing for
    Prada..I mean Nada(ha ha!) by the time he gets his ‘get out of jail’ card.
    You’ve turned buildings into dresses and dresses into bridges baby.

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