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God Save the Queen

Hell-o!!! Yeah, summer is here.

– Blurgh!!!

Thank you everybody for reading me on my first post.

It’s been harder than I thought to write more about fashion, thinking the way I do, even saying that word feels superfluous and to be honest, would like to express more than the obvious about it.

Ok so, after shamelessly cutting a few times the never ending line of people waiting to see the thing, on a busy friday afternoon, finally got to the source of my esthetic and intellectual amusement, the Alexander McQueen’s exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I won’t describe the exhibit, just want to say that more than fashion, that was a display of art. Each one of the pieces were smartly designed and beautifully crafted.  Walking from one room to another, was just get delighted with extreme elegance, S&M, history, romance, exoticism, sludge, peanut butter and jelly, tailoring, mysticism…

For the first time in my life I experimented a particular emotional response (borderline tears) to a fashion exhibit!, Only a touched by the heavy hands of gods and hot pitchfork of devils could have created such marvelous atrocities.

…God Save McQueen…!!!

Our forever “Hero-artist”

Here’s some of my favorite pieces of the collection

images downloaded from the exhibits blog:

2 comments on “God Save the Queen

  1. hard core
    June 25, 2011

    hola Sholaaa o digo susana…oye que buenisimas cosas…eso de la moda si que es un mundo no??..felicidades susana!!!! no te me pierdas y a ver cuando te vienes con una presentacion a MOnterrey Mexico..que aqui hay mercado de sobra pa lo que quieras…..rock and roll shempre!!!

  2. Edson
    June 25, 2011

    I love your posts.
    Such a smart little, adorable latina, YOU!

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